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The Birds, The Fishes, and the SNARE in 2011!

7000 Year Biblical Timeline Overview

The Chronology of the 21 Judgements in the Book of Revelation

The Timing of Godís Visitation to the Gentiles

So What Should We Do, Seeing The Time Of The End Is So Near?

The Beast Empire is Upon Us!

What is The Beast Concealed in The Middle East Map?

What is The SNARE in Luke 21:34-35?

Watching for The Beast in the Middle East

Heavenís Southern Viewpoint of the Universe:
Hubble Telescopeís Actual ďCompositeĒ Picture of the Universe!

Jesus Hid This Beast In The Middle East Map

Is This “The Vision Of The Beast” John Saw In Rev. 13:1-3?

Alexander’s” Former and Latter” Kingdoms

The Latter Time Of Their Kingdom

The 4th Part Of The Earth In Rev. 6:8

The Lion’s Den Of Daniel

Revived Beast

Hidden Just Below The Surface

Where Should Your World Focus Be?

Focus Your Attention On The Middle East!

Daniel’s Scope Of Prophecy DOES NOT INCLUDE ROME!

Signs In The Heaven And Earth

The Chimera Beast Of Rev. 13

“Antichrist Steps” In Daniel 11:43

The 8 Beast Kingdoms In Rev. 17:8-11

The Beast Is The Eighth And Is Of The Seven

The Beasts Of Dan. 7 represent The Character Of The Kingdoms In Dan. 2

The Identity Of The Head That Was “Wounded To Death” In Rev. 13:1-3

The March 29, 2006 Warning About “Islamic” Turkey

What is The Serpent's Modern Name?

The Unholy Trinity

The MARK of his NAME is Blasphemy!

The Serpent’s Signature is Hidden, in the Modern Name of the Dragon!

Pics Of The Serpents Signature

Iraq’s Heart Attack

Could This Be “Iraq’s 4 Parts” In Daniel 8:22?

Spirits Of “Error And Truth” About The Legs In Dan. 2

The Times Of The Gentiles

“Time Markers” In The Feet Of Dan. 2

Daniel’s 70th Week “Timeline”

The Truth Of Daniel 9:27

The Truth Of 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3

Does Your Bible Contain These 13 Verses?

Could It Be Possible?

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The Book of Revelation in 3-Minutes!

The Chronology of The 21 Judgements in The Book of Revelation

The Mahdi is Alive on Earth NOW on March 1st, 2011

The Black Horse in Rev. 6:5-6, Picks Up His Gait, in 2011!

7000 Year Biblical Timeline Overview

The First Glimpse of The Pale Horse in Revelation 6:7-8

7 or 3 1/2 Year Tribulation Period?

Danielís Scope of Prophecy Does Not Include Rome!

What You Havenít Been Told About Iraq

The Composite Beast of Daniel and Revelation

Who Was The Serpent in The Garden of Eden

The Beast in the Middle East

The Quagmire of Iraq

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